We are now Association of Finnish Wood Industries

(former Association of Finnish Woodworking and Furniture Industries)

Association of Finnish Wood Industries (AFWI) is Finland's leading Trustee of furniture and joinery industries. Association's role is to promote a domestic work better known in Finland and abroad and to stimulate interest in and appreciation of this sector.


AFFI has nearly 400 members of Finnish furniture and joinery industry. Those companies manufactures windows, doors, specialty furniture, kitchen, components, furniture and stairs, and much more.

Contributing Members

Contributing members of AFWI are providing marketing or producing services and products for our actual members. Thus the different sectors the major players are developing in co-operation with members of their own operations, which will benefit our membership.

Benefits and services

AFWI serves members of the collective agreement and legal matters, as well as helping entrepreneurship and 'carpentry and joinery sector issues. Via the work of divisions, it helps to sort out each sector specific issues. AFWFI is a member of Federation of Finnish Enterprises.

Environmental values

AFWI’s values are tied to nature and environmental values, because the whole joinery industry is based on the tree. We emphasize environmental values, which shows up as a respectful processing and production of timber.